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12th European Glaucoma Society Congress, to be held in Prague, Czech Republic,- 19 to 22 June. 2016.

IAPB's 10th General Assembly- , a premier global event discussing public health topics related to blindness & visual impairment @ Durban, South Africa. 27-30 Oct,2016

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EXCELENS - Capsular Tension Ring

We offer a range of Single Piece-Capsular Tension Ring that is manufactured using single piece of PolyMethylMethAcrylate (PMMA). The manufacturing process involves very complex precision / engineering as it is a very high precision product.

These rings enhance the safety and efficiency during phaco-emulsification and posterior chamber intraocular lens implantation. Our range is also used during cataract operation to stabilize the capsule.

Specification and models available:

Size - Dimension
Clear PMMA
Length:12.00 - Compression:10.00
2 Eyelets
Clear PMMA
Length:13.00 - Compression:11.00
2 Eyelets
Clear PMMA
Length:14.50 - Compression:12.00
2 Eyelets

The classical CTR increases the speed of adhesion between anterior and post capsule. The CTR also would probably increase the LEC destruction by direct cell compression. Other well known properties of the Ring can be combined to reduce the PCO rate.

Globally EPCO score index is less with CTR, - then without CTR

The PMMA CTR has some specific preventing factors :

    1. The CTR increases the pressure at the 'p' point and then the square edge IOL design tension effect,
    2. The CTR reduces the retro-optical space too, according to the 'no space-no cell' theory,
    3. The CTR increases the speed of the capsular bend formation,
    4. The CTR facilitates the adhesion between the capsule and the IOL according to the 'sandwich' theory,
    5. The CTR probably makes some equatorial LED destruction by direct cell compression,
    6. The CTR prevents IOL decentration, deformation and tilting with soft IOL,
    7. The CTR facilitates the anterior capsular bag cleaning to prevent capsular shrinkage,
    8. The CTR decreases the capsular folds of posterior capsule.